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On-demand customer engagement solutions


Genesys - Angel

Genesys | Angel is a leading provider of on-demand customer engagement solutions; Our solutions have enabled organizations to improve the customer experience while improving efficiency and the bottom-line.


At Angel, we recognize that organizations in different industries face unique challenges and have different needs and priorities.

Whether it is a pharmaceutical company that needs to educate their consumers faster and achieve brand loyalty or a financial services organization seeking to maximize customer retention, Angel’s solutions and industry domain expertise help solve your toughest business problems and improve customer service and the bottom-line—faster.


Core to Angel’s offerings, the Customer Experience Platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and rich plug-and-play apps, via your communication channel of choice, to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of any customer interaction handled by your customer care organization. It empowers organizations to leverage the power of voice — and beyond to enhance customer loyalty, deepen relationships, grow revenue and deliver superior customer service.

The platform runs in the Cloud and is delivered through the SaaS model. Secure, open, configurable and scalable, the platform provides agility to respond to dynamic business challenges and maximize time-to-value. It makes it easier for enterprises to put the Caller FirstSM for every call — every time.


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