Big Data Marketing Forum 2013

A forum to arm marketers with practical strategies in order to leverage Big Data


Big Data Marketing Forum 2013

Big Data Marketing Forum

San Francisco, California

May 21-22, 2013

IBM estimates that each day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. That’s the tweets, posts, likes, links, images, videos, comments, blogs, and more valuable information that your target consumers generate. The digital devices now dominate consumer attention generate a massive volume of data, and marketers must integrate the data in the overall marketing function in all its modern complexity. The goal is to achieve accurate decision-making and to improve the customer experience. Big Data is the next generation of business intelligence analytics that accelerates the speed of making real-time decisions. It’s the difference between a time-to-answer of 30 minutes versus 30 seconds—Big Data will fundamentally change your business process.



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