• CRM Outsiders

    CRM Outsiders

    A blog, by Martin Schneider and Colin Beasty, discussing happenings in the CRM space, software and technology trends and anything interesting and worth noting.

  • Joseph Michelli

    Joseph Michelli

    A blog about the customer experience that = encourage leaders and frontline workers to grow and invest passionately in all aspects of their lives.

  • MyCustomer.com


    MyCustomer.com 's blog aims to deliver topical, practical content to CRM and customer management professionals in business.

  • CRM Buyer

    CRM Buyer

    CRM Buyer is the essential guide for CRM system purchasers providing its readers with up-to-date industry information.

  • CRM Daily

    CRM Daily

    CRM Daily focuses on the top news and trends regarding CRM Systems, Customer Service experience and technology.

  • Ty Sullivan

    Ty Sullivan

    Ty Sullivan blogs about customer experience and speaks, teaches and designs customer service seminars.

  • Bill Quiseng

    Bill Quiseng

    Bill Quiseng delivers tips, insight and inspiration to improve personal delivery of customer service.

  • 1to1 Media

    1to1 Media

    1to1 Media blog focuses on Marketing Research, CRM, Customer Strategy and Business Tactics.

  • Interactive Intelligence Group

    Interactive Intelligence Group

    Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc. covers topics ranging from contact center automation, unified communications to business process automation software and customer experience.

  •  Liz Kislik Associates

    Liz Kislik Associates

    Liz Kislik Associates' blog about improved working relationships, organizational problems and customer experience.

  • ITESA Blog

    ITESA Blog

    ITESA’s blog focuses on enhancing business performance through global enterprise, service delivery solutions.

  • KnowledgeBishop


    Tristan Bishop is Director of Digital Strategy at Symantec and writes about social media, CRM and the customer service experience in his blog KnowledgeBishop.