Customer Experience Summit 2013

The summit for generating customer loyalty and satisfaction through strategic multi channel interaction.


Customer Experience Summit 2013

Customer Experience Summit 2013

New Orleans, Louisiana

May 20-22, 2013

Generating customer loyalty and satisfaction through strategic multi channel interaction

The 5th Customer Experience Summit will provide key insights and strategies for designing, implementing and managing the evolving multichannel customer experience in a dynamic environment. Join our unrivaled group of driven, customer-facing executives from established Fortune 500 powerhouses and fast-rising innovators as they piece together the critical components of customer experience excellence. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain critical tools that will give you competitive advantage by providing the best overall customer experience across all traditional and modern channels as differentiator.

Traditionally, brands have relied on marketing strategies revolving around pushing products through expensive advertising campaigns, rich print and online collaterals to gain market share. Now, pre- and post-purchase delivery of service and information to customers is redefining the way brands are perceived by their audiences. Companies in the US invest billions of dollars a year on customer service activities;yet poor customer experience costs about $80 billion a year in lost sales, with more than 60% of those unhappy customers opting for a competitor. If you provide customer interaction optimisation solutions, this event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and services.


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