Mobile for Contact Center



With PoundZero, you can easily build and maintain your own mobile webapp that plugs directly into your contact center.


PoundZero solves the voice menu frustration for smartphone users by replacing it with a visual menu and by adding multi-channel interaction capabilities, such as chat and text.


PoundZero brings your organization’s support resources to your customers’ finger-tips, wherever they may be.

Your PoundZero app is fully brandable and customizable, and can be set up in minutes. Your customersdon’t have to download anything, and can visit your app just by going to a web address on their browser. In addition, all modern smart phone and tablets are supported. This includes the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. You can use your PoundZero app as-is, or integrate only certain parts of it into an existing mobile app depending on what your needs are.


  • Create custom mobile pages, tabs, FAQs and links
  • Embed existing content such as other webpages, RSS feeds, and more
  • Allow your customers to interact with your Twitter feed and Facebook page
  • Monitor visitors to your app
  • And much more. Click on any feature to the left to go more in-depth

We think the slickest thing about PoundZero is our ability to integrate with your contact center to offer your customers a level of support they’ve never encountered before. PoundZero allows these customers to engage your support organization in innovative new ways that are easy and natural to use. In addition, PoundZero bridges the gap to your support staff and lets them continue to use the tools they’ve been using — avoiding costly agent retraining and retooling.


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